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2019 highlights

2019 was a crazy year and as such it's important to reflect on those experiences, positive, negative and in between as we all have experiences day in and day out that contribute to making us the people who we are! I recommend that any and every body take the time to reflect on their days, months or years and pinpoint highlights and what they can or have learnt from those experiences. This type of reflection is not always easy to do but it is rewarding to each individual in their own personal ways. In 2019 I;

Accomplished a life long dream of visiting Greece.

Lost a close friend to drug addiction.

Called off my wedding & made some major life changes.

Left an employment position that would have formally been described as my "dream job" because of the negative impact that it has having on my mental health.

Adopted a dog !

Improved my GPA!

Purchased a new car! This are just a few of the large events of my 2019, sometimes when it feels like progress has come to a halt and daily tasks drag on it can be inspiring to look back at what you've accomplished and overcome and this can help you realign your focus to keep on making progress towards your goals!

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