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There are so many interesting stories that accompany abandoned places around the world and Ontario is home to many, many Ghost towns that you can enjoy exploring on your next thrill seeking adventure! Here's 5 abandoned places we plan to explore this Summer 2020!

One of the benefits of unfortunate circumstances of being unable to be out and explore the world right now with this pandemic, is being able to have more time explore the internet for more places in the world to explore!

Happy Valley - Greater Sudbury Area, Ontario This ghost town can be found in the Sudbury Area, outside of Garson and was formerly a mining settlement inhabited by those who wished to remain separate from the township of falcon bridge. Explorations of Happy Valley will lead to the discovery of an old Cemetery, driveways and abandoned homes. The township was unable to thrive or continue to exist due to substantial pollution.

Balaclava - Renfrew County, Ontario A once thriving lumber town that was ravished by fire, leading to a incredible decrease in lumber productive which ultimately led to the downfall of the settlement can be found in Renfrew County. The town was abandoned but welcomes a resident or two every now and then, so it may not be completely desolate if you do visit.

Tobermory Ship Wrecks - Tobermory, Ontario This one is a must see for me this year! Im off to go explore Tobermory and the many ship wrecks in the area as well as hopefully do some underwater diving at Fathom Five National Marine Park . One of Specific interest for me is the Sweepstakes Schooner in Big Tub Harbour!

Abandoned Military Base - Picton, Ontario This one I've visited before, though unaware of it at the time and I didn't venture nearly as far as I would have liked to. No worries, Prince Edward County is so beautiful I won't complain about an impending repeat visit. The Abadoned Military base in Picton covers a large area , some of which is fenced off, other abadoned buildings accesible from the road.

Thanks for checking out my Top 5 Abandoned Places to visit in Summer 2020! Do you have any interesting adventures in mind for the Summer? As always, please feel free to share below! -Stay Chic... xo

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