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The start of She's so Chic...

Updated: May 21, 2019

And so it begins...

My name is Alicia or "Leesh" and I'm a 23 year old Psychology Student, currently living in Ontario, Canada!

And here I am to tell you what it is, that is beginning and why, in a minimal amount of words before I head off to work...

Well, being a woman of many interest such as fitness, fashion, beauty, academics and travel and having so many trials, tribulations and "interesting" and enriching life experiences I've decided it would be nice to have a place to document and share those experiences, where I could be a little more detailed than a sharing just a quick picture on Instagram.

So, I started this blog that you somehow ended up on, "She's so Chic..." that way I can look back at those memories, help others by answering their questions while I share my experiences, and potentially even, to connect me with people who share similar interests or experiences.

Sometimes platforms, such as facebook and Instagram are great to look back on and reflect on memories, but I know I personally share a very minimal amount of my feelings and experiences on those platforms, but I will be , hopefully, sharing them here. If you wind up stumbling across this "lifestyle blog" and finding that you share similar interests, feel free to reach out! You can subscribe online, send me a message, an email - , or instagram DM - @shessochiccc , I'd love to hear from you !

You can expect to see lots of post's from my upcoming trip to Greece where I'll be visiting Athens, Santorini and Mykonos! You can also look forward to my shopping searches and product reviews as well as follow be on Influenster for more beauty product related reviews. Welcome to She's so Chic, a blog of vintage finds, world wide travel, fashion crazes, beauty fads, shared experiences , my adventures exploring Ontario, and all that other stuff !

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