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Check out these hidden, Ontario gems to visit this Summer !

Updated: May 21, 2019

Canada is a beautiful country, with so much to see and do. I love exploring this great country and this great big world! Living in Ontario we are extremely lucky be surrounded so much natural beauty and fresh water!

If you are out exploring Ontario this summer, as you should be , and I know I will be, here are some local(ish) gems to add to your list!

1) Picton, Prince Edward County (5.5 hour from Sudbury, 2 hours from Toronto) This town located on Quinte Bay, and is full of rustic charm that will leave you in awe. From the elegant homes, to the quaint shops, and with the Sandbanks Park and Dunes Beach nearby, It's a perfect little escape from the city. Check out the wineries or the see a movie at the drive in movie theatre while you're in the area! There's so much to do and see, you won't be bored! I put this location as #1 for a reason, it's one of my personal favourites. After my first visit, I was skeptical to share the location with many other's because if it were to be a super packed, tourist hotspot it would lose much of it's charm in my eye's however I've come to realize that this place is such a gem it would be way too selfish not to share it with all of you! Picton is definatley one for the Bucket List!

2) Chutes Provincial Park, Massey , Ontario

(1 hour from Sudbury, 4.5 hour from Toronto)

Chutes Provincial Park is an amazing place for a day trip or to go camping , I’m more of a day trip kinda gal & I’ve taken this one a number of times, most recently on my attempted spring hike ! This park features amazing hiking trails and multiple sets of water falls and is located on the Sauble/ Spanish River in Massey,ON. Massey is a quaint little town about 5 hours from Toronto, the people are incredibly friendly and aside from great views , some pretty good fishing along the river this town host the greatest fried chicken I have ever tried, sold at Poriers general store surprisingly enough. If you’re camping in the area and looking for some finer dining the dragonfly restaurant is the place to be. You will be sure to leave more then satisfied. Even if you are in Sudbury, honestly, this restaurant is deffinatley worth a Sunday drive !

3) Killarney, Ontario

(1.5 hour from Sudbury, 4.5 hour from Toronto) Stop by Killarney for some fresh fish, hiking trails and some beautiful beaches! You could take a trip out for the day or make a weekend out of it and camp out at Killarney provincial park! If you like exploring nature and being surrounded by the great outdoors then this is the place for you!

4) The Couple's Resort - Whitney, Ontario

(3 hours from Sudbury, 3.5 hours from Toronto, 2.5 hours from Ottawa) This is an amazing place for a get away year round! You'll be treated with amazing service and pleasantly pleased with the stunning accommodations provided. The couples resort is an all inclusive resort with a no tipping policy and the exclusive restaurant is home to some of the tastiest creations I have personally ever tasted. You'll be soothed and relaxed after leaving this elegant retreat to say the least. Check out their website for a sneak peak of their many rooms and keep an eye out for my upcoming, individual review of this centrally located, unique gem! 5) Lazy River - Grand River, Ontario

( 4.5 hour from Sudbury , 1 hour from Toronto)

If you feel like leaving all your worries behind for the day and just floating, You're in luck! Visit Grand River and have a float down the Lazy River. Click the link below to see a map of the whole float! You're Welcome xo

6) Bridal Viel Falls & Cup and Saucer Trail - Manitoulin Island ( 2 hour from Sudbury, 6 hour from Toronto ) Manitoulin Island is fully of beautiful spots, two are one this list! If you're looking for a more active trip, head up to Manitoulin Island and hike the Cup and Saucer Trail where you will find up to 12km of hiking trails through the hard wood brush and large cliffs, then you can finish off with a dip in Bridal veil falls! I hope this list can help bring you to some off the beaten path, travel destinations and might contribute to you having a great summer! Please feel free to share any of your favourite Ontario getaway spots and other experiences in the comment section below!

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