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Here's Our Top 10 Beauty Tips!

Here's our top 10 Beauty tips, every woman should know ! You can take advantage of them this summer, to give your skin that extra glow or help your hair grow! As always please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments & if you like the post, you're also encouraged to share it with your friends on facebook! I really hope you enjoy these 10 tips & tricks!

1. Take Care of your hair ! This one, is Number 1 for a reason. Your hair has a major impact on your overall look so your going to want to take care of it! There are some tips below that can help you do this! Another useful tip to take care of your hair, or even your hair extensions is to ensure that any tools that use heat such as a straighter, or curling wand, are not set to the maximum level and are set to a level that provides just a sufficient enough heat source to accomplish the task! You should also use a heat protecting spray! I like to use Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protecting Spray!

2. Hair Treatments ! If you want your hair to look and feel healthier and shinier, hair treatments are a great way to accomplish these goals. I prefer to use Virgin Coconut oil as opposed to other products that may contain harsh chemicals, 2-3 times a month I lather my entire head with the oil and either leave it in for a whole day, or sleep with it in. It can take more than 1 shampoo to rinse the oil completely off your scalp, so that the hair does not appear greasy! I love the difference these treatments make on the feel and look of my hair and I'm sure you will too ! Feel free to share if you have any favourite product for hair treatments in the comments below!

3.Moisturize. You should always moisturize. Your face as well as your body. You should moisturize your face in the morning before applying your makeup and again at night after washing your face, this will make a noticeable difference in your skins natural glow, don be afraid to moisturize the neck and chest area as well !. Regularly moisturizing your body will be go a long way towards making your skin look and feel a lot smoother and will make your skin smoother over time as well.

4. You can use Coconut as a natural, chemical free alternative to eye makeup remover. - This is pretty much self explanatory, but if you try this tip, you won't be disappointed!

5. Always, Always, Always Wash your face before bed ! I don't think I need to go into to much detail about why this is sooo important, but sometime's we all need a little reminder! Don't skip out on your before bed skincare routine! Alway's wash your face before bed, & it never hurts to mousturize!

6. Stop Washing your Hair Every day. This one can be hard to wrap your head around, It took me such a long time to actually be able to commit to this! I had such a terrible habit of washing my hair sometimes 2 or even 3 times a day ! Washing your hair can strip the natural oils from your hair as well as puts your weakened hair into contact with the harsh chemicals that are often found in traditionally shampoo's. Washing your hair every second day will go a long. way towards helping your to achieve a thicker, healthier looking mane.

7. Wear Sunscreen underneath your makeup to help defy the aging process and minimize the other numerous harmful effects of the sun! Sunscreen can also provide a solid face for your makeup to stick to, depending what brand you go with. I also recommend picking up a lip chap with SPF as well, for those hot summer months!

8. You Shouldn't Sleep with Wet hair. Always be sure to blow-dry your hair before bed, never sleep with wet hair. You should always do your best to take preventative measure's from creating excessive mess. It's really jus another way to care for your hair , but trust me it makes a huge difference! Sleeping with wet hair can lead to tangles that can be sooo damaging and it's definitely not a good habit to get into!

9. If you wax your upper lip, like I do, do you constantly feel like it keeps growing back faster each time? I't really does, but hey, its like Cardi-B says....

The good news is, waxing your upper lip takes next to no skill and you can save a lotta $$$$ and time by doing it yourself! Two important things to keep in mind are the temperature of the wax and the quality of the wax. I recommend ordering your wax pot and wax online to ensure a high quality product. Always do a spot test on a small area of your arm or leg to test the temperature before applying the wax to your face! The wax should be entirely melted, warm and relatively thick, not boiling hot! I ordered my wax pot on amazon for under $40!!!

10. Be cautious with your exfoliating products and be sure not to over exfoliate! This one may be last, but it's certainly not least! It's like one of those "hidden tips," the things that no-one really talks about... While exfoliating is super amazing for your face and body and can leave you looking and feeling super refreshed. There are some important aspects we need to be aware of, first of all, some products, such as crushed walnuts, are actually doing your skin more harm than good, as they can create micro-tears in your skin that then contribute to speeding along the aging process, over exfoliating, may also have the same effect! It's important to be aware of what is in the products that you are using and what the effects of those ingredients can be, there are also many great, DIY options that you can prepare and try and home that would be much safer for your skin. As always, I encourage you to share your thought's, experiences, questions or other feedback in the comments section below! xo Stay Chic... #travelandstyleblog #beautytips #coconutoil #hairtips #staymosturized #shessochiccc #toptenbeautytips #simplebeauty

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