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My Top Tactics for Mental mindfulness

In this crazy world we live in today it can be all too easy to forget how important it is to slow down & enjoy the moment!

Stress is linked to many illnesses & this link emphasizes just how important your mental health is to your overall wellbeing !

There is no secret code or formula, it’s about taking the time to think of your situations and surroundings and how they make you feel and accepting those challenges and making chances when necessary as well as recognizing that change exists and is bound to find you and working to adapt to life's changes by learning to approach and regard them in a positive manner. Your mind state can not only take a toll on yourself but it can also affect those around you through every one of your interactions, verbal and non verbal.

Your Happiness truly does start within oneself.

Here are some of my favourite simple tactics to use in stressful situations that help me return to a peaceful mind state !

Please feel welcomed to mention yours below in the comments !

Doodling - this is a really great exercise when it’s an available option! Obviously there are some circumstances where you wouldn’t want to disappear to go colour ! I myself purchased a hallmark monthly planner that is black and white with abstract designs on each page to be coloured in and I find that works fabulously while in a I’m strategically planning events because it’s a seamless transition then things seem to get overwhelming that keeps my work right in front of me ! Reading - when the time allows is it also a great way to take your mind of things you wish to analyze in a more relaxed state.

Take a Break - It took me a lot longer than I'd like to admit to recognize the benefits of this tactic. I remember the first time I read about this idea as a study tactic in one of my first year courses in University and I thought to myself "thats a little weird but ok." Normally when we get overwhelmed we either avoid or completely envelop ourselves in a situation in the hopes that either , the problem will go away or fix itself or that the more we accomplish the more we can reduce our anxieties about the task! Both of these tactics are less than beneficial! The best thing we can do when overwhelmed with an idea or task it to simply leave it alone for a short while and go off to complete another task we enjoy - this could be something on your list or something totally unrelated like taking a walk around the neighborhood or making yourself a snack or latte. This will allow you to return to the task later with a fresh outlook and a clear mind and any work you achieve in this state will likely be of much higher quality than you would have accomplished while frantic, tired, or overworked.

Do something Nice for Yourself Today!

Deep Breathing - There are many situations we find ourselves in, in which, unfortunately we can't just up and take a break, pull out a pen and start doodling or take off towards our favourite outdoor area - without running the risk of looking a little insane, at the least. In this situations I find it beneficial to take control of my breathing to try and reduce my anxieties. Breathing at a steady rate in overwhelming situations will help to clear your and return your entire body return to stability.

Exercise - Exercise is an amazing way to release tensions in the body and take care of your overall health, I recommend everyone make an effort to increase their daily excercise by at least 40 minutes each day! If this adjustment seems difficult to make try small exercises like walking, sit ups, leg lifts and push up's if possible on your break times and you'll definitely come away with a clearer mind and understanding of how seamlessly 40 minutes of exercise could transition into your day if you set aside the time for it.

Goal Setting - Set realistic and specific goals for yourself ! Take the time to curate a list of all the things you have to or hope to achieve this week or month and everyday look at this list and break each goal down into steps applying a few of these small tasks to your daily to do list and making a point of crossing them all off will help you o reach your goals and stay organized which will help you feel better overall !

I like to keep a daily "To-do list" and a Weekly list with my monthly planner. Listing deadlines and due dates as well as Personal Goals.

“Me Time” - Make sure you set some time aside to focus on personal tasks or just to have time to yourself doing something you enjoy. Having this time is extremely important in order to avoid becoming bogged down and feeling overwhelmed!

Getting out into nature - Is one tactic that I find is a little bit more personal as I'm sure doesn't apply to everyone. However , being from a small down and always being surrounded by the humbling beauty and power of nature I find it extremely calming and refreshing to visit some of my favourite outdoor area's when I'm feeling stressed and need to take an extended break from all of life pressures. The peace an quiet of the outdoors can really provide a great outlet for organizing my thoughts or simply allow me to free my mind of all my worries but focusing on the beauty that surrounds me!

Some of my favourite outdoor area's can be find in my blog post "Check out these Hidden Ontario Gems to Visit this summer! "

All of these are activities that I might take part in during stressful situations as a method of calming myself down to give my self and opportunity to slow down and examine the facts of my current circumstances. I have found these activities extremely beneficial in returning myself to a homeostatic state and I hope that you can also make use of these tips to help you enjoy a more peaceful existence! xo - stay chic

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