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Rochester, Michigan : The Royal Park Hotel

This past May 24 weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the United States for a family event. The exact area to be more precise, Rochester, Michigan.

First of all , I’d just like to say that visiting Michigan was so far from what I had expected and even though it’s only about 8 hours from home, it was a drastically welcome change.

We were lucky to find a minimal amount of traffic on the bridge to the USA, so we were able to cross the border in under 15 minutes, were even welcomed by a cute German Shepard - in other worlds a police dog sniffing the trunk or as-well aa the perimeter of each and every car.

I was surprise by how lush and green the area was and it was incredibly well cared for with American flags flying high almost around every corner. Throughout the weekend we were pleased to see many different species or birds and a massive amount of deer! Unfortunately a large percentage of the deer that we saw had been reduced to roadkill - heartbreaking.

Our accommodations were at the Royal Park hotel, a beautiful establishment that is conveniently located just a few blocks from the charming downtown Rochester, that boasts some local shops and restaurants, walking and biking trails and much more to explore. This hotel was truly stunning and rightfully so a hotspot for weddings. The hotel offers a gym, restaurant/bar and terrace with fire pits along the side of a river, which actually had the “river walk” trail running along side it - which was a beautiful place for a morning walk with a coffee which we took full advantage of.

Rochester has a rich history that has been well preserved for the most part which is evident by looking at the buildings in the area , you’ll also find posted signs where you can read more about the history of the areas you’re visiting.

The room we rented was called “the cottage suite” and I would have to the name provided and excellent description. A video of this suite can be seen on Instagram in my highlights labeled with a 💫 @shessochiccc .

Pricing was considerably reasonable at just $280 a night - during the long weekend, which is pretty good !

The Service was excellent, and the vale parking was among the most affordable I’ve seen at just 6$/ night. Another Great feature of this hotel is that they clean your room as usual but then come by later in the afternoon for “turn-down service,” where they pull back the covers if your bed, place slippers at the side and straighten up the room once more, to make your stay as comfortable as possible!

There’s free coffee in the lobby in the mornings, which you can take out on a walk with you down the river walk trail or have a seat on one of the hotels lawn chairs and watch the birds!

If you’re travelling in Michigan and are in the area, with the opportunity to stay at this awesome hotel I would definitely recommend checking out the Royal Park Hotel!

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