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The Best of Greece: Air Canada Vacations

This post is just a quick overview of some of the in's and out's of my recent trip to Greece. On the Air Canada website I came across this trip advertised as kind of an island hopping adventure titled - "The Best of Greece." This specific trip brings you to Athens, Santorini and Mykonos and is 10 days long.

Upon Arriving at the airport we were surprised to find out that we did not have access to the Maple Leafs Lounge or any other Lounge despite having upgraded up plane tickets as well as accommodations. The food on the first plane was untouchable however the pasta on the plane home was actually pretty delicious. The Service was pretty great on both planes and the seats were comfortable enough.

The hotel in Athen's was Divani Palace Acropolis , which was in a great central location that really helped to best utilize the few days that we spent. This hotel also features a great view of the Acropolis and you can even start your tour of history right downstairs in the basement of the hotel! This was the only hotel that we stayed in that had a bath tub. This hotel is confidentially located just minutes away from the Acropolis, as well as a popular tourist area called Plaka that is home to many restaurants and souvenir shops. Transportation from Athens to Santorini - A van picked us up outside of the Hotel and we went down to the harbour to catch a large ferry to Santorini, where we were met with another van that brought us directly to our Hotel. The hotel is Santorini was Costa Grand Hotel. This hotel was located right along the black sand beach, which is home to a strip of wonderful restaurants and shops just steps away. Besides the awesome located this hotel was Sparkling clean, and remarkable well kept. The staff were knowledgeable , offering great recommendations for restaurants, and Antony our bartender was able to mix us up some of the best cocktails we've ever had! Santorini is a beautiful island to explore. The one thing about this hotel that was not so great was the Spa, not what you'd expect from a 5 star hotel. (Further Review Later)

We again took a boat from Santorini to Mykonos . This boat was a little larger and allowed passengers out on the decks. The hotel we stayed at in Mykonos was called the San Marco Hotel, it was a pleasant stay, though not exactly what we had expected, however it did have it's ups and down's which will be available in my separate reviews of the hotels. An attendant with Air Canada would meet you at each of your destinations and share with you some information on popular things to do in that area, leaving the booking, or exploring up to you, which was nice so that the only things you need to worry about being strictly planned time-wise, was the travel arrangements. The day before we were expected to leave a location a card would be slipped under our room door, detailing what time we were to meet in the lobby. When the trip is originally booked and a list of hotels appears on the website, these hotels may or may not be your accommodations but is likely showing you a sample of the standard of accommodations you can expect - even if hotel names are listed. You're actual list of accommodations will arrive to you by email closer to your departure date after the agency has had a chance to actually book the rooms. It is useful to take a look at the hotels website and location in relation to what you'd like to be doing before your departure. The trip was well organized and easy to navigate with just a few disappointments. Perhaps with a little bit of minor tweaking - like a later travel time - it's something I would do again! I can definitely see myself visiting Greece again soon ! I hope this post has helped you to take a closer look at Air Canada's Best of Greece Vacation! *More Photo's from this trip can be seen in my Gallery on the "Snapshots" Page aswell as on Instagram @shessochiccc

As always, please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or feedback you may have below or contact me directly using the contact page!

-Stay Chic... xo #travelblogger #lifestyleblog #aircanadavacations #thebestofgreece

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