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Essential Things to pack when Visiting Greece!

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

It's so easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a trip that you may slip on packing some necessary items. That being said, here is a list of some absolute essential items you're not going to want to forget if you're planning a trip to Greece!

1. Sunscreen It can get to be pretty hot in Greece, so like other warm countries you're probably not going to want to forget your sunscreen, a lotion with some SPF or if you're like me, Tanning oil. Even in the "off" seasons, such as May, and September you're still likely to enjoy a few sunny days and return home with a killer tan ! If you do forget your sunscreen you will be able to find some in Greece, but depending where you are it may be harder to find and come at a hefty price! 2. Camera This one probably goes with out saying, since you're probably already aware of all the amazing scenery in Greece if you're already planning to go there. However if you have a higher quality Camera at home, you might want to consider bringing it to keep all the photos off you're smartphone. (You're going to take a a-lot of photos.) Even if you plan to be moving around a lot over your stay you can wear the camera around your neck using a neck strap to conserve space in your luggage and never miss the opportunity to get some good shots!

3. Comfortable Shoes Even if you're not planning on visiting the ruins and doing other touristy stuff - which you totally should, especially if you visit Athens. You're still going to want to make sure that you bring comfy shoes because you're going to do a lot of walking. Most of the more narrow streets ( all of the streets are pretty narrow) are not accessible by car, most of these streets happen to be in popular areas. There are also a lot of hills and stairs in Greece, so your going to want to be comfortable and prepared while you're out on the town.

4. Water Shoes If you're really trying to pack light, a good pair of water shoes could also double as your comfy shoes. You'll be really glad you brought them. Even more so if you plan to visit Santorini, where the beautiful black sand beach and red sand beach are located. - The Black Sand beach is actually rather rocky and though the water is beautiful and refreshing, below the surface you will be greeted with what is essentially uneven marble slabs that can be difficult to walk on) At other beaches, you'll also want to protect your feet from things such as se urchins, glass, hot sand and other uneven surfaces. I paid $27.99 for a pair on amazon and was surprised at the quality! (Link Below)

5. Bug Spray Some are's more than other's are home to many bugs that seem to come out in the night time. If you're staying in areas away from the city and near the ocean, chances are you'll encounter a couple of mosquitos during your stay! To avoid the hassle of itchy bites make sure to bring some bug spray along with you! - I learnt this one the hard way!

6. Euro's The Currency is Greece is Euro's. Stop by your local bank before your trip to convert some of your cash! If you need more while you're away the best way convert more is by using the ATM. You shouldn't have much trouble finding one, you get a better conversion rate and you don't need to keep as much cash on you at one time!

7. Cell Coverage The last one is not so much something to bring so much as to do, Call your Cell phone service provider to discuss your coverage options while you are away. Chances are you're going to end up needing to use your phone to call or the data to get around at some point during your trip and it will be much more cost effective if you already have a travel plan in place! Thanks for reading! I hope this helped you to remember some important items for your trip & I hope you have a wonderful stay in Greece! Please feel free to comment if you think there is any thing else that is essential to bring along on a trip to Greece. xo

Costa Grand Resort, Santorini

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