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This natural DIY face mask has instant results! Beauty Skin Care x She's So Chic!

This all natural mask mask has instant results and is perfect for a girls night or keeping your skin an added boost of hydration!

I absolutely love this mask,I’ve been using it for years 💕! &I think you'll love it to! Not only does it deliver instant result's but it boast's ingredients you can be proud of! You wouldn't ingest harsh chemicals into your body, So why are you OK with putting them on your face?

It’s really simple to use at home, all you need are these four ingredients;

- 1/4 Cup of uncooked Oats

- 2 tbsp of lemon juice 🍋

- 3 tbsp coconut oil 🥥

- 1 tbsp milk

Each if these ingredients work together to leave skin looking and feeling fresh and energized. Here's the noticeable benefits each ingredient possess! Oats: Cleansing & Mosturization -Oatmeal is, Put simply, Wonderful. It can be used to treat Acne, Remove Dryness, Lighten Skin, Relieve Itchiness, and is a Natural Cleanser, and thats just to name a few of its amazing uses on the Skin! We also love using Oatmeal in our, Natural, DIY hair products! The Polysaccharides in Oatmeal are responsible for leaving a fine film over your skin which goes a long way in protecting it from Dryness!

Milk: Milk products have many beneficial properties to skin, It can be used to help improve complexion, It also works well as a natural cleanser, paired with oatmeal perhaps? Sour cream can be used to help shrink pores & A combination of milk and honey can work wonders on your skin. Milk can also help to remove dead skin cells and soothe irritation. In this mask the milk is used to help soak into the oatmeal and hold everything together but it was expertly selected for its many benefits to help leave your skin looking and feeling it's freshest!

.Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is Such an amazing and versatile product! As you likely already know it can be used, among many other uses, as makeup remover, shaving cream, for your hair, to cook with, the list goes on! Coconut oil is Anti-bacterial, deeply moisturizing and Anti- fungal and contains Vitamin E as-well as fatty acids that help to nourish the skin!

Lemon Juice: Exfoliation & Brightening - Aside from being commonly known to lighten the skin, the Vitamin C in the juice has powerful Anti-Oxidant actions that benefit your pores. Citric Acid found in lemon exfoliates off dead skin particles, leaving your skin with a lasting glow! Now that you have a little bit of background information and are aware of the purpose of each ingredient, lets get down to the fun part... Preparation: It's pretty simple to whip up a batch of these Organic DIY Mega mask at home! Just Follow these 6 Steps !

1. Gather you Ingredients & A Bowl and Mixing Utensil. 2. Mix all Ingredients in Bowl until it forms a Paste. 3. Allow to sit for around 3 Minutes. 4. Stir and apply to Face using Circular motions, Massaging in to exfoliate the skin. 5. Apply to form a thin layer covering face. Allow to sit for 5 minutes! 6. Rinse face with Warm Water. Pat Dry!

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