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Top 10 Picks for Restaurants in Sudbury, Ontario!

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

"Oh no! not another "TOP 10 list!"

YUUUUP , another top 10 list, but this one is delicious!

Proceed with caution, you may abandon all other plans and head to grab some grub after reading this post !

Living in Sudbury, I often hear people complain about the variety of food, or lack there of and I am guilty of it too!

Sometimes ,it really does seem that almost everywhere is serving the same, deep fried menu items! But...

Sudbury does still have some incredibly satisfying culinary experiences to offer and It has even gotten a little bit better over the years!

With a little exploration I was able to locate for you, a handful of unique venue's that add their own spin on things!

There are a few old Sudbury Classics included as well !

* The below List is not Ranked in any specific order as each venue is unique and special in it's own way, therefor making it nearly impossible to rank them in order from 1-10!

  • Mr. Prime Rib - 777 Barrydown Road, Sudbury, ON

Mr. Prime Rib is one of my go-to's for a night of "finer" dining, they have an excellent wine selection and possibly the best lobster in the area - which is why I always , always get the Surf & Turf ! The service is always exceptional and personable - as you would expect from a locally owned business! The food is always cooked to perfection and the veggies and potatoes have a home cooked feel to them that is absolutely to die for!

You can check them out online at

Great For : Date Night, Lobster is *****

  • Ali Baba Restaraunt - 833 Ontario Street, Sudbury ON

This often overlooked gem on Ontario Street may not look like much from the outside but If you can get in when it's open, and not booked solid you're in for a treat! Everything is fresh, which is the reason they close from 2-5 daily, to shop and prepare for dinner. Not only is everything super fresh but everything is made to order and customizable and the portions are incredibly generous! At Lunch you'll find nearly everything is served with rice and salad and at dinner rice and fresh roasted vegetables. There are options for everyone, including vegan and gluten free! All the foods served have a rice blend of flavours that will explode your taste buds, ( in a good way!) If you dine here as part of a group you have the option to be served buffet style, which is amazing, but make sure you are VERY hungry! A regular Ali baba buffet style dinner may typically will include, Bruschetta, Greek Salad and Lamb Chops or Shrimp, followed by Chicken Marsala, and Chickpea and lentil pasta with rice and roasted vegetables, which is then followed with a to die for roasted banana desert served with ice cream and coffee or tea. This will run you about $42.95 per person! If you prefer to order off the menu, most entree's range from $15- $34. All of the food is prepared directly by the owner! They also do Catering and Take-out. It's always best to call ahead when dining here to book your table in advance. (you can also order in advance if your coming in for lunch and are short in time)

Great for : Entertaining, Take out, Night out, Middle Eastern Cuisine You can check out trip advisor reviews below !

Gloria's - 469 Bouchard St, Sudbury, ON This one has been around forever! Everything is delicious, including their extensive variety of homemade pies! This is a popular breakfast spot for a reason, but I love it for the fact that you can get Chicken Parm at breakfast time and vice versa! WAFFLES . For . DINNER .. Great For: Breakfast, Pie, All day Breakfast

  • Toppers Pizza - Multiple Locations This is my Go to pizza delivery in Sudbury! When I moved away and couldn't order Toppers I realized how much I take this amazing pizza for granted & thats why, I always keep a bottle of Topper's dip in my fridge! They literally have every topping and sooo many options, you can keep it simple or really start to customize your pizza! The Sandwiches and Panzerotti's from Toppers are also worth trying ! TIP: Get Garlic Butter Crust (IT'S FREE) Great For: Late night Delivery

  • The Keg - 1396 Kingsway, Sudbury, ON Chances are you've been to hte keg so im not going to stay too much about this one! However, this restaurant earns its spot on this list for the great atmosphere and the consistency of the food! Great For: Night out

  • The Buddha - Elgin Street, Sudbury ON This little gem on Elgin Street is well known for its beautiful patio and wide range of beer selections, they serve up some super tasty dishes and your sure to leave satisfied. If you've ever heard the saying "go where you see the crowd" it definitely applies here, It would be pretty difficult to catch them on a slow night! Great For: Day Drinks on the Patio, A Night out with Friends

  • The Townhouse Tavern - Elgin Street, Sudbury ON Another Elgin Street Gem, They feature a 4:20 menu of little appetizers and are well known for their selection of crazy burgers! This is more of a Tavern than a restaurant hence the name. This is an asweome spot to check out some live, local entertainment and have some drinks, while ingesting greasy food to avoid a hangover the next day ! Great For: Deep Fried Foods - Famous Burger Menu - 420 Menu

  • The Hourglass - 183 Cedar Street, Sudbury, ON This Restaurant in downtown Sudbury has a great and way underused rooftop patio and is also located inside one of sudbury's notoriously "haunted" building's. Back in the 1950's a man and his wife were murdered in the house and they have been said to have been seen wandering about the restaurant by both staff and guests on multiple occasions. This restaurant also has a great menu, with vegan options available and reasonably priced bottles of wine. Great for: A Night out, Entertaining, Patio, Tourists

  • The Doghouse - 212 Romanet Lane, Sudbury, ON The sooner you try their wings, the better your life will be, thats all I'm going to say about this one! Check out the Rooftop Patio! Great For: Deep Fried Foods, Patio, Best Chicken Wings! (Challange this if you dare!)

  • The Dragonfly - 205 Imperial Street, Massey ON Great for : Sunday Drives, Amazing Food, Great Prices Even though its not technically in Sudbury, it still deserves a spot on my top 10 local restaurant list! The food and service is always amazing and is so much more than what you would expect to find just off the highway in a small town like Massey! Just over an hour out of Sudbury, it's worth the drive - you coud even burn some calories after by taking a stroll through chutes Provincial Park which is just up the street! Check out trip advisor by clicking the link below to view the menu and photo's thata re sure to make your belly growl! Seriously though, Check out those burgers! * This location does not serve any alcoholic beverages*

  • Thank's for Reading! I hope you enjoy checking out these awesome restaurants & if you do, please feel free to share your experience! xo stay chic!

  • By no means have I tried every Restaurant in Sudbury and I'm sure there are a few others who deserve a spot on this list, if you think you know of one please share it with me in the comments or contact me with a direct message !

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