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TRAVEL BUG: how to pack right when packing light!

I've done more than my fair share of travelling and of course , packing. Though with the trips I've taken in the past ( either all inclusive or to a destination that I frequent often enough to leave behind belongings) I've never worried much about adhering to luggage weights and or sizes. Since on this upcoming trip I will be island hopping around Greece I'll have to take all of my belongings with me, sometimes by boat. ( Some of these hydro foils have different luggage allowances than the airlines.) I've been inspired to compile a list of some of the most useful tips I can think of for packing light while maintaining a stylish wardrobe. I can be a struggle when you think about all the different things you might do and what outfit would be best suited to those activities. You need comfy shoes for exploring, water shoes for the beaches, sandals, something a little more upscale for the evening, so now with just shoes were mentally picturing a nearly full suitcase and wondering how were going to make this work these tips are for you. ( I'll be packing for 10 days, 3 greek islands) - Stay tuned for posts about the trip!

1. Set aside your statement and staple pieces. Try and go with a common theme and then you can match all your shoes and wraps and other accessories to these items to maximize your outfit options. Try to choose a few items that are multi purpose.

2. Fold Strategically - I like to roll my items up before fitting them into my suitcase.

3. A pair of water shoes with good grip could double as your running shoe for exploring during the day and save you time.

4. Go travel sized with makeup and hygiene products.

5. If you are planning to pack a hair straightener, curler, or even a phone charger you might want to consider an energy

converter. (Sorry, one more thing to add to the suitcase, I know)

6. Bring 2 Bathing suits so that you can still wear one while the other is drying.

7. Bring a bag for dirty clothes and lay it flat on top of your other belongings when this bag is not in use.

8. Do not over fill your suitcase. You wouldn't want the suitcase to break while you are in transit and you also want to leave some room to bring back some keepsakes.

9. Bring 1-2 evening outfits a few pairs of shorts, shirts, socks and underwear. (Basically just the bare minimum of what you think you will need.)

10. Make a list of all the things you need and check them off only as they go into the bag.

11. Have a rough idea of what you intend to do on your trip so that you can pack according to your agenda instead of guessing what you might need and ending up taking a bunch of things that you don't end up using.

12. Bring a light but versatile jacket. ( wear this in transit if possible)

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