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Ways to keep busy while social isolating

* Binge watch Netflix ! it‘s everyones favorite but can get to be pretty boring after a day or two , this list offers plenty of great alternatives so you don’t have to grieve the end of a your favourite series - for too long anyways.

* Take a hike !

Use this time to get in touch with nature - weather permitting ! Find a great spot and take yourself , your S/O of your dog or kids out for a nice long hike ! - life hack ; this one will also help you stay in shape and burn off some of those hibernation calories , with the closures of gyms and the slow down of life’s everyday hustle and bustle it’s a good idea to do your best to remain active !

* Play board games - this can be a fun way to interact with your housemates & if you live alone , like me, this is still a possibility , there are many games available online with other participants or against a virtual opponent.!

*Take up a hobby - my hobby of choice is baking !

* Revamp a long lost Project - This is an excellent opportunity to get involved in everything and anything you’ve previously felt you’d love to do but “just never had the time !”

* Get a jump on your spring cleaning ! 🧼

* Redefine your goals & Create an action plan

figure out what your going to accomplish when all of this is over and put yourself on the right path to achieving those goals!

*STUDY if you're a student such as myself, you can use this time to ensure killer grades this term and study away! changes are you've received an increase in course work to make up for the lack of in person exams so you can dive into this as well !

*Jog outside - the exercise and fresh air will also do wonders for mental health, as well as physical health (with the gyms being closed and all, ugh)

* Create your own at home workout or follow along to YouTube videos. Any of you who regularly go to the gym know the struggle, gyms are closed, people are buying up all the at home workout equipment, and you don't have the space for that anyways! Don't stress, there are plenty of beneficial at home workouts that you can do with minimal to no equipment and it can be helpful to follow along to someone else's video to keep motivation up.

Most of all I hope we are all staying safe & positive throughout these uncertain times and remember that we are all in this together. This pandemic is effecting us all mentally , physically and / or emotionally, businesses large and small , and individuals whether employees , self employees , parents or whatever your situation may be. Using some of these ideas to stay busy can be extremely beneficial to mental and physical health and I hope you found some of these ideas useful ! Feel free to share your favourite things to do at home in the comments below !

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